Camp Kee-wanee

Camp Kee-wanee is an inclusive summer day camp with an emphasis on the arts and the fostering of self-esteem.
Their mission is to provide children of all abilities a fun, safe summer experience.

 The camp was originally called the Greenfield Health Camp, founded in 1922 by a group of Greenfield business men to help promote children’s health and nutrition.  A few year later, these same men joined the newly formed National Kiwanis Club.  So while we share a similar history, Camp Kee-wanee is run independently (All though there’s no written documentation, we think Kee-wanee got its name from Kiwanis).   The Greenfield Kiwanis club continues to support the camps scholarship program and capital campaign through fundraising and ‘hands on’ assistance.  During the summer months from June to the of end of September, we meet at our ‘cook shack’ for dinner to enjoy the tranquil wooded setting.

To contact Camp Kee-wanee in regards to the summer program or inquire about camp rental please visit:

Camp Kee-wanee, Health Camp Road, Greenfield MA