Reading Program

Did you know that reading to preschoolers is the most important thing families can do to prepare them for reading?

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, nearly two-thirds of low-income American families do not own any books for their children.  Limited access to books is a problem for all young children, but for those in low income areas, it may be tantamount to reading failure.

The Goal of the Greenfield Kiwanis Club’s Reading Program is to promote literacy development in young children and help children have access to books.  Twice a year, Greenfield Kiwanis Club members volunteer to read to nearly 350 preschool children in 20 different classrooms.  Each child is then given a new book to take home.  For many local children, this may be the only book in the child’s home.  The Kiwanis Club has recently teamed up with the United Way in order to increase the number of books given to children throughout the school year.

Reading Program: November 14th – 16th

Club members are excited to once again read to the pre-k student community in Franklin County.  This months book is ...
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The Kiwanis Club’s Reading Program Resumes This Week!

The book for April 11th-15th is titled “Biscuit’s Day at the Farm” by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, with Pictures by Pat ...
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